Tanz & Film Seminar 2015

Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden

In einer Woche durchlaufen die Bachelor Tanz Studierendenden 2015 in ihrem Abschlussjahr den Prozess des Filmemachens von der Kameraarbeit, über Filmgenres, bis hin zum Prozess der Entwicklung und Planung einer Idee bis hin zum Dreh und Schnitt. Sie entscheiden dabei selbst, wie sie ihren Tanz in Szene setzen wollen.


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Tanz und Film 2015 BA Tanz

"Introduction 2015 Seminar Tanz und Film"

How to translate dance and choreography into moving images through a camera. This is the content of the workshop. You are a dancer. You know how to move. That‘s half of the rent already. You also have an idea of camerawork, through the many films you‘ve seen. Think of your favorite dance related films and what you liked why.

What is the knowledge & idea, and experience that you are bringing with you into this seminar (film&dance)?

Now that you briefly thought about it, images might have come into your mind. What and how do you want your filming to look like? Get a clear idea, a vision. You want to get exactly that out of youself - your vision that you’re having is what interests us also. „Know yourself“ as the ancient Greek aphorism says.

What do you want to show? How? Where? For whom? Why?

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If you are working in a group (film work is teamwork) you create the atmosphere and that influences the work. Being respectful and clear with your colleagues makes the product become a vision of all of you.

Can you talk about the work to do, explain reasons for doing it apart from taste? Did you think about it before?

For our workshop week that we spend together, it helps if you have a simple but clear thought what you want to reach as your aim. Don‘t make it too big and save energy for the many small things that you will learn and do and you will most probably be able to produce some little precious beauty. Be clear & simple! And be realistic. There is a reason why a film costs 100.000.000 $ and more and why the titles with professionals working on it in the end last for many minutes.

The idea in your head, does it have a clear vision - can you describe it in 3 sentences? And why can only you do it?


Now go and decide which choreography to film and take the viewfinder with you for the next couple of days and use it to see how the images in everyday looking through it. Start to be aware of framing, movement within the frame and how things are leaving and coming in the frame. Be aware of the rhythm you create. See where your eyes get directed through your decisions - how close to hold the screen in front of / away from your eyes. Camerawork gives importance to objects in the image. Go with the object in the frame and let it leave the frame.

Let your eyes go. Let your eyes dance. Choreograph your vision and let the camera go with your flow.



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Vorbereitung: 1 Woche
Workshop: 1 Woche
Nachbereitung: 3 Tage

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