intercontinental jam

Videoproduktion, Kamera, Schnitt (2023)

Musikperformance: Taka Kagitomi (Düsseldorf) / David William Pyke (Cooktown / Australien)
Kamera: Pipo Tafe, Fivos Theodosakis


David William Pyke:
Avante Garde music and Musik Concrete and free improvisation...Sound is the medium of a/or vibration which denotes activity, harnessed for communication. Two creative minds express in joint exchange, captured into moving images and sounds. The communication is personal, yet public. Witnesses can freely engage or co-express. There is no hierarchy....manifestation comes from call and response but no order...sometimes a response, or just a continuation
The intent is to co-inspire stimulatory sources of vibration, be it the sophisticated musical instrument or some abstract variant or object. Embedded is the call for diversity in exploring non-standard ways of emanating sound. Instruments and components may indeed be literally pulled apart or sabotaged to interrupt normal functioning to create nuanced and creative responses. Bland versus the unpredictable yet fully immersible exchange. Body language exhibits intense focus of the artistic exchange. What was 'said' was at a subterranean and super conscious level, like the electromagnetic spectrum...there but not necessarily recognisable or retrieved...but innately felt....

Pipo Tafel:
I was introduced to concept /sound artist Taka by Fivos. We met in the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf during winter exhibition 2023. Taka was playing a smooth melody on his muted piccolo trumpet with some LEDs attached in the halls of the Academy and it spoke to me, so I recorded a video and sent it to classical composer /jazz musician David in Australia, who answered with a trumpet solo.
After having attended a jam session (live streamed via FB) of Taka with three other avantgarde musicians in Wuppertal, I became more curious in Taka's work and planned to visit him in his studio. That week another trumpet solo video for Taka arrived from David. I proposed them to play a jam together in a live stream setup by me, since I was going to visit Taka anyway.
For me it is a quartett not a duet, since nothing you see here would have been possible with one or the other element missing. Fivo's camerawork is stunning and the geometric combinations in the split screen and the interaction through both playing together (it's a conversation for me) while constantly looking at the screen allows witnessing this interaction of two stupendous performers. Thanks!