Art for Art's Sake Podcast

Another Day, Another Story of doing the artist's work The Australian guy & The German guy

"you're not sure why you're there and you're not even sure if you're going to make it"
A podcast for those people who ask themselves if they could also be an artist, if they have a "normal" job. And it is a podcast for those who are not artists, either. It's a blank canvas, and we're speaking about what comes with the job of the artist.
The backscenes dialogues - insights relating to a contemporary artist collaboration.
WE are "The Australian guy" & "The German guy". The Australian guy is a Jazz musician and composer, the German guy is a performing and media artist. We also speak about good coffee, theories about the number of piano shops as a sign for culture in a city or our lack of business plans but doing the work anyway - Art for Art's Sake.
Join us for 15 minutes and a cup of coffee or tea. Every episode has its own music created by David William Pyke. Editing & occasional battles with the tech by Pipo Tafel


Pipo Tafel, Köln, Germany
David Pyke, Cooktown / Cairns, Australia


all tracks composed and recorded by David Pyke


edited by Pipo Tafel