Tanz & Film Seminar 2018

BA Tanz Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden

20-stündiger Intensivkurs, der sich mit der Denkweise, den künstlerischen, organisatorischen, technischen und Führungsaspekten des Tanz- und Medienschaffens befasst, einschließlich der Mitwirkung an einem professionellen Videodreh, dem Erlernen und Einüben von Kommunikationstechniken und der Entwicklung einer persönlichen Tanz- und Filmarbeit nach eigener Wahl.

Einblicke in den Workshop

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When you create media work (without live dancing), you create an artefact, "An object made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest", of your dance. You're creating a dance without a (real) dance. You're translating the presence of the dance into a new body of work.

How to translate the dance so it does still live in the film and camerawork, lighting, effects, editing, music?

Tanz und Film 2018 Dance and Media

Visuelle Recherchen Studierende

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Filme der Studierenden

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Feedback / Erfahrungsberichte

1. what have I learned so far?

2. What I would like to learn more about?

3. I might use this knowledge in the future for?

4. I'll probably not use?

5. I was surprised about?

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1. Focus is important for our creativity and to get the best results of
our work. Music and silence makes big differences. Social media is entertainment.
2. Editing the audition videos
3. When I'm recording my audition videos.
Maybe something for my bachelor-work
4. Maybe not in my freetime
5. That we are shooting audition videos

1. What concentration is about how music and other factors as media are in our everyday life.
2. I would like to learn how to edit and create an audition video on a computer in a proper way. I don’t know much about technology and i really think it’s important to learn.
3. For my professional career if I ever would need it for other auditions.
4. I will probably not use the videos we make for auditions because I don’t feel in shape yet. I will use the experience for doing an other one later.
5. I was impressed how you were capable to keep the concentration of everybody also if for you it didn’t seem like that. Nobody ever kept us so concentrated during a workshop.

1.Audiences have different perception depending on viewing angle and distance
2.How you can represent Exactly what you want tell to audiences
3.My Bachelor Arbeit
4.I don’t know yet
5. When we tried“Zen“ some of us was really in themselves. And focus to the reality. For example they saw some colors on the white wall.
But other people were out of mind. Like I was completely out of mind somehow I found Temple while I was doing Zen.

Was nice experience. And I surprised we doing the same things but can make different results depending if you are inside focus or outside focus.

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1. Social Media can influence your creativity. A time Window for internet helps to control more how long you spend your time on the phone or computer.
2. Possibilities with video editing.
3. Auditions , Social Media , Bachelor work
4. Staring at one point for 5 min.
5. Everything said in the video

1. I have learned how ones individual perception might completely differ from others. Ones perception or ability to ‘’percept’’ or view Things in a certain way can completely change depending on how focused you are and it what way you are focused as i discovered this kind of Focus is different from forced Focus which i usually choose to do as it was the only way i knew. It was interesting to learn and experience the importance of Focus and how easy it to attain it actually.
2. It would be Nice to learn more about the importance of the right filming technique, how you can make the most out of what you have as i think it is highly relevant for making the auditon video. I would also like to learn how you create a film in order to get the Message out as clearly as you can as I believe this knowledge can be transferred to my BA.
3. I will definietly use it for my BA as i feel a Whole New world has been opened up for me on how to do certain Things and it is time to explore, which is something i look forward to.
4. So far I find everything relevant.
5. I was surprised by the relaxed atmosphere during the workshop and how we still manage to efficient.

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Konzeption / Leitung

Pipo Tafel




Vorbereitung: 1 Woche
Workshop: 1 Woche
Nachbereitung: 3 Tage


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