Ken Ludden – why I created this ballet

„Works of fine art must earn worthiness to be presented at all. A choreographer must endeavor to provide, through layering, substance to serve every type of audience member. The subject of the work must be worthy, and must provide something commensurate to the time and effort each member of the audience has put forth to attend, as well as embracing their objectives in viewing fine art.
The work’s subject must also be something the choreographer truly cares about, and its movement language one that most clearly and effectively achieves that purpose. Additionally, as a choreographer it is important to create roles that will challenge and fulfill the dance artists entrusted with them. There is nothing worse than working very, very hard to become a dancer and then given routines without meaning, and movements without purpose. Choreographers must always be mindful that each dancer is building a career, so every role must help them grow. Theatrical dance is the blending of movement, music, acting and living visual art. All must be present, and each must be appropriately tasked. Every detail must be necessary, and absolutely must work in synergy with all the others to form a unified work.“
Ken Ludden



World Premiere Selections Performed in Mackay, Queensland July, 26th 2018 At The MECC, Mackay during Mackay’s Festival of the Arts.
World Premiere of Grand Pas de Deux „Supreme“ from „Ne: Roi“ at Edinburgh Festival 2017 74th International Choreographers Showcase.

Kontext/ Projektförderung/ Initiator/ Auftraggeber
Né: Roi is a creation of Ken Ludden


Libretto and Choreography Ken Ludden
Composer David Pyke
Production Designer Loron Lavoie
Costume Designers Rita Ludden, Fiona Flohr, Loron Lavoie
Music Director Alexander Walker Orchestra Musica Viva, Moscow
Video/Film Director Pipo Tafel
Still Photography Jason Ashwood
Dramaturg Clare Larman
Administrators Lydia Philpott, Catherine Lech
Stage Manager Tara Tate
Rehearsal Directors Dallas Itzstein, Amanda Bollinger
Costumer for Principal Artists Freda Bromberg
Wardrobe Department Maria Lobb, Lee Houghton, Rachel Hayes, Nicole Seale, Nurit Tatarsky, Michelle Mitchell, Nurit Tatarsky, Elizabeth Kennedy-Roberts
Make-Up and Hair Maria Lobb
Computer Tech Danny Tatarsky, Phillip Benyon
Stage Tech Nick Philpott
Cast Judith: Emily Bromberg
Prince Uno: Rainer Krenstetter
Aristo: Chase Swatosh Lady
Nara: Ashley Knox
Silv, Narrator: Alec Gilbert
King Sa’al: Rainer Krenstetter
Queen Lucia: Emily Bromberg
Bell Ringer: Gabriel Sinclair
Beaugar: Anatoli Chiochiu
Young Aristo: Ashton Philp
Young Uno: Cooper Tate
Young Nara: Elodie Jewell
Young Judith: Eliana Tatarsky
Music Master: Laura Connolly
Archer: Kristin Seale
Art Master: Molly Kirkwood
Scientist: Alicia Vaseo
Talbot: Alec Gilbert
Nurturer: Emily Budden
Strictness: Sabela Lobb
Dreamer: Jacqleen Mitchell
Prude: Jordan Hayes
Flirt: Kiara Medhurst
Edwina: Clare Larman
Princess Rigana: Shelby Johnson
Teen Nara: Lily Taylor
Teen Judith: Ashlyn Borg
Group Soloists Ladies In Waiting Emelina March-Peach Dakoda Murry Bronte Vella Tyla Saron Sentries Kash Stanton Jeremy Adams Nick Philpott Wazifalasi Warriors Elodie Jewell Annie Stanton Shannon O’Neill Adele Amies Leon Namai Elizabeth Amies Corps De Ballet Dancers (alphabetical order) Zara Anderson Yve-Noelle Bollinger Ashlinn BorgI Jessie Borg Emily Budden Kiara Catterall Taryn Clarke Laura Connolly Sophie Dolphin Tahlia Doohlan Madalyn Finch Kate Forster Jorday Hayes Kavce Hoani-Vincent Dylan Itzstein Elodie Jewell Shelby Johnson Molly Kirkwood Cadence Leonard Sabela Lobb Emelina March-Peach Amber McCarthy Sienna McDonald Lila McGrath Kiara Medhurst Jacqleen Mitchell Seina Murkami Dakoda Murry Shannon O’Neill Rori Paganoni Amali Paganoni Ashton Philp Ethan Philp Lily Philpott Abbie Quinn Tyla Saron Kristin Seale Laruen Seale Liam Shields Charli Sichter Annie Stanton Avigail Tatarsky Eliana Tatarsky Cooper Tate Lily Taylor Madeleine Trueman Alicia Vaseo Bronte Vella Belle Watling Mackenzie Wotherspoon

Ken Ludden


New York, Melbourne, Mackay (Australia)